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I recently received an email asking me about what I thought of full Text RSS feed autocontent generators. I know this is a popular way to “game” the search engines, but here is my answer to this question (and probably an answer that those who want shortcuts won’t like. :) )

Short answer: I wouldn’t do it. :)

Long answer:

On Jan 28th of this year Google sent out an update that really makes it’s point clear about this. It does not want auto-posted content and “scraped” content which is content taken from some other sources entirely.

It really depends on how many posts, where they were taken from, what credit is given authors and what % of these articles make up the entire blog.

It is ok to use the occasional article with proper credit given (i.e. ezinearticles.com) but many of the scrapers take content off of other peoples blogs and use it as their own, which I personally would not do. I would consider it copyright infringement if ever done to me as I usually have a copyright statement on my sites.  (BTW, I did try one on a site a few years ago when they were very popular, but felt scummy about it and it didn’t take me long to quit. :) )

The only way I would use it is to add articles from article directories and to make sure to keep the author box, or if I was importing some of my own content, or content that I was given permission to use. Also I would make sure to make them a small part of the overall site.

This used to be very popular (and still is) and it did work well for rankings, but Google is only going to get tougher & tougher on it so over the long term I personally wouldn’t advise it.



Take care,


I’d love to hear what you think, do you agree or do you think I’m being too naive? Please add you comments below…

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I’ve got a great plugin for you today, and it’s free for the taking!

I downloaded this plugin today and I think this may be the perfect solution for those of you that want a free plugin that turns your WordPress blog into a mini-membership site. This plugin gives you the ability to hide a portion of your post under a protected area, while still having content on your site that is index-able by search engines. This gives you the ability to get ranking, but protects the content you want hidden until someone pays for the membership and you give them the password.

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While not completely related to wordpress I thought it was definitely worth sharing because if you happen to be updateing your blog or social media accounts while at a shared WiFi network you may be hacked. The new FireSheep plugin for Firefox makes it easier than ever:

YouTube Preview Image

Make sure to protect yourself.

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This new WordPress Policy Pages Generator Plug-in that I found is a huge shortcut for me when setting up WordPress sites. You know that their have been more and more requirements that have been added to the growing list of disclosures you should be making on your website. Now there is a simple way to take care of automatically generating these policy pages for your site.

WP Policies

Now fill out a simple box. Make a few tweaks and post some code in the footer & you are done! Awesome!

It generates these policy pages:

    Anti-spam Policy | Disclaimer | Dmca Notice | E-mail Policy | External Links Policy | Medical Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Use | Testimonial Disclaimer | Earnings Disclaimer

I’m loving this time saver! Now here is my disclaimer! LOL “I’m not a lawyer, I haven’t checked this out with one. These are boiler plate disclaimers and such. You should check with you attorney before using…. I think that about covers it!” :)


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Since I made my post yesterday I’ve already had quite a few people ask me if they should switch to the new version. Here’s my take on it…

If you don’t have to, I’d wait a least a few days or a couple of weeks. It’s been in Beta, so most of the kinks are worked out, but with such a major release you may want to check your theme developer site to make sure it’s been tested. Your Plugins may not work with the version yet either.

I did get a message from iThemes saying:

“For many months now, we have tested all of our themes and PluginBuddy has
tested its plugins with the development versions of 3.0. We are pleased to
announce that all of our themes and of the PluginBuddy plugins work
properly with the new 3.0 release.”

Unless you like checking out what’s new I’d wait. Sometimes WordPress comes out with an update soon after a major release.

If you do want to upgrade now, make sure you backup your site in case there is any incompatibility. iThemes new plugin “Backup Buddy” is one way to ensure you have a reliable copy of your site.

Hopefully I’ll have time this weekend to play with all the new features and report back to you!

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WordPress.org has debuted the new WordPress 3.0. I’ve already upgraded this blog to check it out and will be posting the changes soon, but I wanted to show you the WordPress Video about the changes & differences of WordPress 3.0.

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The benefit of wordpress is not having to deal with html and php code. But if you wanted to embed a youtube code in WordPress you would have to switch to the html mode and insert code you copy from Youtube.

With the Smart Youtube Plug-in you don’t have to do that anymore. Just copy the address of the video, ad a “V” into the address (httpv://) and you are done! I’ve made a video for you that shows you how to use it!

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How to make a keyword hyperlink in your WordPress Blog Post.

(I.E.- Here is a link to a post about adding Paypal Buttons to a WordPress Post.)

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I just found a cool wordpress plug-in today. What a great resource for WordPress Webmasters and those that use WordPress for their business.

This plugin is the Google PageRank Tool. When you upload the plug-in into your wordpress admin it will give you google pagerank results in the posts and pages management sections. This way you can get an overall snapshot of each page and you can figure out which posts or pages to give more attention to so they can climb in the rankings.

I think this would be a great plug-in for those that work on other people websites since they would be able to keep tabs on the progess of the individual pages.

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Some people have nothing better to do than ruin your day, hence the development of computer viruses and website hacking “worms”. There is a “worm” that is going around right now that attacks and corrupts older versions of WordPress blogs.

The simple solution is to upgrade to the newest version of WordPress, but before you do, spend a few minutes to backup your database. Now that sounds complicated and if you’re anything like me you are going to procrastinate backing up because it sounds like a lot of trouble, but it’s really not!

Just go to “install plugins” and search for the WordPress Database Backup plugin (wp-db-backup) and install it. If you have an older version of wordPress that requires manual plugin installs you can find the plugin here:


Set the backup to be emailed you and go ahead and perform the backup! It literally only took me a minute. (For blogs with lots of posts it may take longer, but it’s all automatic.) I found this plugin in a newsletter from PotPieGirl. After her blog was hacked she was able to save her blog from destruction by using the files this plugin creates. Then she was kind enough to share her solution with her readers.

Now you’re ready to upgrade to the newest version of WordPress!

At the top of your admin panel you should have a box that says: WordPress 2.8.4 is available! Please update now. Click the link to upgrade and follow the instructions. It’s as simple as that!

If you have an older version of WordPress that requires manual upgrades, just go download the automatic upgrade plugin located here:


That’s it…you’re done. You thought it would be harder than that? With the new versions of WordPress they make all the mundane tasks that used to take forever SO MUCH EASIER!

Backup & upgrade today to protect your hard work & your peace of mind!

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